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Jun 5 / Jitendra

Working as a Literary Agent

If you love reading new books and can communicate well, then working as a literary agent can be a great business option for you. Starting a literary agent business can be moneymaking if you pursue it with proper dedication and patience. The job of literary agents involves spending a great deal of time reading unpublished manuscripts. A bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing, or Journalism is an asset in this business. This business can be started with an investment of $500 to $1,500. Once you gain experience and reputation in this field of business, the yearly potential earnings will range from $20,000 to $100,000. However, you should follow the below-mentioned points in order to harvest the fruits of success in this business

  1. First, you should understand the process of how books are published. Getting a job in a publishing company is ideal, because it will help you gaining all the necessary skills and experience in this field. To hone up your skills, reading, as many books as you can find about publishing can be a good substitute, although going through the online resources can also be proved helpful. While purchasing any such books, you should try to find out those books, which have been written by any reputed author in this field.
  2. Once you gain the necessary skills, it is time to get in touch with the publishers. Traditionally, the personal contact with the publisher develops while working at the publishing house. However, creating professional literature serves as a wonderful way to introduce yourself. Keeping in touch with the publishers sometimes, open new doors to profit for you.
  3. While setting up your own business, you have to understand publisher specialties. Read company literature and visit publisher web sites. Also, conduct a thorough research about each publisher’ s criteria prior to submitting a manuscript for consideration. Stay abreast of what is popular in the industry. Keep up with trends. If some worthwhile manuscripts do not get published, it means that the genre is not hot at the time.
  4. You need to learn negotiating book deals. Keeping your client’s interest in mind. Always research to find contracts for unpublished authors and try to get the best deal. Internet can be the best source to establish a contact with the publishers. You can also take help from the conference calls. If necessary, you may need to travel to attend meetings with the publishers and the authors.
  5. Make offers. Offer book rights, film options and permission to distribute manuscript in foreign markets. This will maximize your profit margin.
  6. You also need to learn promoting clients. Arrange book tours and publicity for your clients. It may sound like an extra service but it will generate more income for your business. You need to be open-minded and go through all sorts of manuscripts carefully to know the popular trends in the market. However, with dedication and hard work, you can build up a successful and prospective business in this field.