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Jun 5 / Jitendra

Working as a Freelance Writer

If you are a good writer, then a lot of lucrative opportunities to make your business as a real success. Either you do the job of content writing in any big firm or start a business of your own, in both ways there are myriad opportunities to maximize your profit. Today, the demand for writing content is high in every corners of the world. However, the business houses prefer to outsource the content writing responsibility to the freelancers in order to cut down the cost of maintaining an in-house team of content. Freelance writing has been the choice of many, right from a student to retired elderly, who are looking for substantial source of income. You can also build up a potential income base, by investing about 4 to 5 hours in writing small articles and that too from the comfort of your home. Here is a brief overview regarding how to start this business. Take a look to this to gain business success.

Working as a freelance writer · First of all, you need to get a computer and a high-speed internet connection, because the job of writing completely depends on the internet. Moreover, you need to look for freelance writing projects in the internet.

· It is not possible to get big project, at the initial stage. However, once you get a project, be careful about the quality of your writing skills, because it will be your key to success in the long run. Once you are used to provide high quality writing, you can even win the chances of writing in big projects. In many cases, your client may hire you as their chief copy editor. In that case, your pay scale will be much higher.

· In order to deliver professional and cutting-edge write-ups, you can take admission to a writing course or workshop, before you start the business as a freelance writer. You need to hear writing instructors and other writers comment on the quality of your work. Such courses also train you to deliver articles on the strict deadlines.

· To get projects, you need to know writing excellent query letter to an editor. Here, you need to describe your idea for an article, give your qualifications and it should be like the most wonderful idea ever to cross the editor’s desk.

· Research a bit before, you step into this business. A thorough market research will help you deciding how to make the first attempt. You can go through various magazines to have an idea about the market and it will assist you choosing your niche market. You can work as a content writer, feature writer, business writer or can simply make reviews on various films and books

· Focus on continuous learning process to further develop your writing skills and chances to get more offers for writing.

· To make a good start, you can get in touch with your local newspaper or magazine and ask if you may submit a completed article "on spec." Editors will pay you for your work.