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Jun 5 / Jitendra

Working as a Dog Walker

If you are looking for some business option, which is not so tiring and involves a lot of brain work, then working as a professional dog walker can be the best job for you. As a dog walker, you can earn a good income and at the same time, you can have some exercise. The only requirement for such job is the person needs to be a dog-lover and is perfectly in tune with the ways of dogs and ready to run a business. If you can invest dedication, time and patience, dog-walking business can be a rewarding one.

Working as a Dog Walker Research the field to gain a clear idea about its market. It will help you to determine if it suits well. You can also check out what dog-walkers are charging in your area. Talk to them, if they are ready to share such information. Using the internet can also help you to get some idea of the costs for your region.

You cannot start it as a big professional house at the initial stage rather you should allow enough time to grow. Before everything, you should consider, whether you want it to be a part time or a full-time career. Are you ready to devote enough time to it? If you are young and want to make money by dog walking, make flyers and offer around your neighborhood, or put up notices on notice boards or in shop windows.

If you want to make dog walking as your permanent business, consider whether it is something you want to work from 9 – 5 (or extended hours) 5 – 7 days a week. Depending on these factors, your business opportunities either expand or limit your options and availability. More hours means more clients and a likelihood of referrals. Spending less hours will limit your business options.

If you have enough money to open a business house, then you must be prepared to manage employees and cover a larger part of the city so that you can have maximum business opportunities. For a large business you need a proper insurance coverage. Once you get the capital and buy insurance policy, it’s time to interview pet sitters, check them for reliability, train them. Make sure, your employees are able to do dog-walking according to your instructions.

Keep good financial records, manage a payroll system, pay taxes on business income, and manage other worker’s requirements. Paying attention to the client arrangement programs is the essential key to success in this business. As owner of the business, you should make all arrangements for dog walking directly with clients and then provide the instructions to your employees.

Pricing is an important part of this business. At the very beginning, you have to decide, how you price your services. Mostly, the pricing of any such services depends on the quality of the service and the length of time you have been dog walking professionally. Make sure not to under-charge or over-charge, because either will cause damage to your business. Undercharging will lead some to think you are an amateur and over charging can end up with losing customer. Charge a fair amount in return for good, reliable and professional services.