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Jun 5 / Jitendra

Working as a Cruise Ship Travel Agent

Today, there are a lot of business opportunities in various fields. In many cases, you do not need to invest any sort of financial capital, but you can reap success only by employing your intellectual capital and business acumen. Working as a cruise ship travel agent is one such business, which offers countless opportunities to earn money. Within a very short period of time, you can be a successful travel agent of cruise ships. Travel agents of cruise ships are also known as cruise shipbroker, who mainly works on the basis of the commissions. The best part of this business is that, you do not need to pursue any formal education in order to become a cruise ship broker, although your customers or host travel agency may prefer that you have a diploma or certificate as proof of training. The principal requirement to gain success in this field is to be communicative, quick decision maker and professional.

Working as a cruise ship travel agent Many people, in order to get success in this field pursue various travel and tourism courses. Such courses are offered by high schools, vocational schools, public adult education programs, community colleges and online programs. Certificate classes may be as short as seven months. If necessary, you can also opt for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in travel and tourism. However, to start as a cruise ship travel agent, you need to do the following at the initial stage

1. Have a chat with any experienced cruise broker in order to find out what you will need to do for easy success in this profession. To know more about this business, you can get in touch with the travel agencies with which you can also affiliate yourself. In that case, ask them if they require certification to get you enrolled with them.

2. Choose the travel agent diploma, certificate or degree program, which you think suitable for your goals. However, you need to consider the cost, location, length while choosing any program. Also check out if they offer online courses or follow the traditional method.

3. To gain experience, you can apply for a job as a cruise broker with a travel agency or cruise line. After a required amount of experience, you can start your own business booking cruises. Experts believe that gaining experience before starting your own business always proves lucrative. While pursuing the job, you will get all the required training in the field of cruise broking. During the job , you should focus on collecting network of possible host travel agencies you can work with as a home-based agent.

4. While working as a home-based cruise broker, you should create a website for the marketing and proper promotion of the business. You can hire a web developing agency, who has cruise or travel experience in web design and e-commerce.

5. Finally get in touch with an attorney familiar with the travel business before starting your home-based business, who can advise you on all the local requirements.