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Jun 4 / Jitendra

Vending Personal Care Product

Personal care product vending is a full time venture. Such business specializes in vending machines that dispense personal care products in restrooms. Such business owners supply machines that dispense feminine hygiene products, pain remedies or even baby diapers. The personal care product vendors after negotiating with property managers of various organizations, set their equipment in restrooms at public parks, outdoor pavilions, stadiums, businesses or warehouses. The process of transaction is customers insert coins in the machines to receive their product. The vendors take out the money from the machine and refill the equipment again. If you want to start this business as your supplementary source of income, you need to follow the points below carefully.

Vending personal care product 1. At the very beginning, you have to decide, what kind of vending machines you want to purchase. According to your convenience, you can choose bulk machines or those machines, which dispense a handful of products at the same time. Make sure you purchase the triple-header bulk machines, which will hold more products.

2. While choosing the machines, make sure you opt for mechanical machines or electronic units if your products mainly consist of packaged candy and soft drinks. For any personal care products like baby diapers mechanical machines, depending on your budget, because you can sell snacks and drinks in the same machines. Buy electronic machines for greater profits but keep it in mind that these units can cost you $3,000 to $5,000 each.

3. To avoid huge expense consider purchasing your vending machines from a local wholesale dealer, or go through the business opportunity magazines, or internet, if any dealer offers the same. Go with the lowest unit cost available, however do not compromise with the quality.

4. Once you get over all these things like buying machines and selecting a location, it’s time to select a name for your business as you will need to use it on all government forms and legal paperwork required to continue the business. Moreover, you need to apply for the vendor’s license from your local county administration office, because you will need to pay sales tax on all retail sales.

5. For the supply of all sorts of personal care product, find a local wholesale supplier. To get the contact details of the local wholesale supplier, you can go through the newspaper advertisements.

6. To earn more, you should find high traffic areas for placing your machines. You can place them in auto dealerships, auto repair shops, beauty salons and business offices. You may need to offer a fair commission to the retail owner or manager for example, they can ask for 20 percent of sales. You can also consider a charity by paying commissions, but make sure you obtain the necessary stickers for credibility. If necessary you can pay the charity about 5 percent to 20 percent of your sales each month.

7. Select a price for your products that is comparable to other vending machines in your area. You should stick to a 150 percent to 200 percent profit margin.