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Jun 4 / Jitendra

Starting your Own Desktop Publishing Business

Desktop publishing has been emerged as a key business area in recent years. A lot of people who cannot afford to buy an office in the prime location of the city can start this business right at their home. It not only involves lower amount of capital but also offers real opportunities as your ticket to success. The industry has exploding market in recent times. The term desktop publishing is applied to connote a new way of publishing documents, where the desktop computers are used in place of the traditional method of mechanical, real metal type, and scissors and glue. Desktop publishing is used for the publishing of brochures, flyers, full-page advertisements, business forms, Web pages, logos, CDs and cassette covers, catalogs, newsletters, corporate gifts, books, proposals, and many others. Take a look to the primary requirements of the business and ways to make it a success.

Starting your own desktop publishing business · In order to start the business first, you need to identify your market niche. To make a home business successful, niche market helps a lot. Your niche can be a specific service e.g. web design or a business quality, such as fast service. You can provide excellent graphic design or can focus on providing clients with excellent Typography and layout. Many desktop publishing business focus on maximum amount of Technical expertise, while others are specialist in handling large projects.

· You must get all your equipment ready before you start the desktop publishing business at your home. The basic equipment required for a desktop publishing business comprises of high-capacity computers, various desktop publishing software programs, laser and color printers, and scanner. You also need to have a disk back-up system, virus protection program, CD writer (CDR/CDW), font software, and clip art. Remember, the computer you will be using for the desktop publishing will have more sophistication than one configured only for word-processing or other basic tasks. You will need a system with large memory to load all your software and provide more data storage. Get a monitor with high resolution to display graphics properly; the printer must have a substantial amount of memory.

Apart from these, you will need a variety of software, including Adobe PageMaker, Quark Express or Corel Ventura for page layout and typesetting; Adobe Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint for image editing; Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw for illustrating.

· You must locate your customer properly in order to make the business a real success. It is not always necessary to draw the B2B (business-to-business) customers, but you can also get customers in the non-business (consumer) marketplace, depending on your field of specialization. You can start with customers including virtual assistants needing a web site, restaurants that require menu design or a painter who needs flyer to pass out. You can also provide your service to the legal firms because they require thousands of different forms to get printed.

· Finally, you should focus on hiring employees. Get two or three employees, who have exposure to desktop publishing. Later you can give them required instruction.