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Jun 4 / Jitendra

Starting a Restaurant

Are you a good cook? Then why not starting your own business with a restaurant? Sounds good? Then start planning it from today and build up a restaurant of your own. However, you should consider several important points before starting a business with a restaurant. We can provide you the necessary tips about building a restaurant and how to earn money from it. Check out below given points to gather necessary information about the restaurant and the magic tricks to maximize your profits from the business.

Starting a restaurant · To start with a restaurant business, you have to begin with a thorough research of the market. Check out the restaurants in your area and collect information about the reason for their popularity. What are the main dishes they offer and etch out the plan that how your restaurants will be different from these. If you can provide something different and that too of high quality, you can easily maximize your profit

· After you etch out an initial plan, it is time to focus on the type of food you want to serve at your restaurant. If you are good at any special type of cooking you can also make your restaurant specialized for that kind of food. The leading choices of cuisines are Italian, Mexican, Chinese or American.

· To start a restaurant, you may need to take a specialized course in cooking. No matter how good cook you are, a specialized course will help you to learn the basics of professional cooking and thus you can also maximize your profit. Although, as an owner, you may not need to cook the majority of the cooking, it is good to have an idea of what is required to prepare the food.

· Check out how many rooms you will require to build up a restaurant. If you like it to be spacious, then decide, how much square ft of area, you need to buy or take on a lease. Will you require specialized seating such as outdoor seating or seating at a bar? Then you need some more space and for that you have to talk to an engineer. To do this, you may also need to contact a commercial real estate broker because he can help you locate a suitable location. Restaurants need to have good roadside visibility and plenty of parking space. Most of the leased land are triple net, where the tenant is supposed to pay for the entire operating and maintenance expenses as well as taxes and insurance for the business.

· Also decide, what kind of alcohol like, beer and wine or a full bar, you want to serve. For this purpose, you can check out the requirements for a liquor license.

· Also, get a business license. Make sure all local government rules and regulations are adhered to it. In this regard, you should also need to contact the department of health and work accordingly with the specific requirements.

· Talk to a bank for financing your start-up business plan. After you procure the financial support , it’s time to hire an architect to design the plan.