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Jun 3 / Jitendra

Starting a Business as a Copywriter

Writing a copy for selling is what we called copywriting. Carefully crafted sentences and paragraphs, aimed with one target in mind – the consumer, copywriting demands a creative bent of mind and a natural flair of writing. Copywriting can be an excellent business idea, if you have the skills and can spare nearly 4 to 5 hours from your home. Television, print, radio and the Internet each require the use of copywriters. The best part is that, initially you can start as a freelancer and work from home. Gradually, you can include more persons under you and build up a copywriting house of your own.
Starting your own copywriting business requires patience and you can definitely make a rewarding career. Initially, you may need to spend long days, tight deadlines etc. However, with the growing experience and excellence, you will soon earn good. Remember that you will need some time to get established in the business.

Starting a business as a copywriter Before you start taking projects of copywriting, you have to learn and hone up your skills in the craft and the art of writing. There are many copywriting courses available, which can offer you good knowledge of every aspect of copywriting and how to write effective copy. You can also check out the leading books on the subject of copywriting to gain the required knowledge.

After you gain all the necessary skills and learn how to proceed further, it is the time to get your portfolio ready. Also, get some samples of your work ready because your client can ask for samples at any time. For samples, you can write "spec" pieces (articles written detailing an imaginary product or service). You can also start offering free services to non-profit organizations, which in the long run can bring you much work and that too with good returns.

With a sample or two, you can start marketing yourself. To do this online, you have to build a website, and place an Ad about the services you can offer. Joining your local Chamber of Commerce is good, as this can get you good business from local networking meetings. You can also make cold calls to local graphic designers or website developers because they look for services of a copywriter occasionally.

Internet offers you a plenty of business opportunities as a copywriter. There are different websites that require you to bid for the work. If you are the winning bidder, you can get the project of writing hundreds of articles and that too with a good compensation.

Stick to your copy writing business from the very beginning and you will start getting money. When the money starts coming in, you can register your business with your local city hall and get an employer ID number. However, you have to keep in mind that starting a copywriting business does not happen overnight. With Patience dedication and willingness to a continuous learning process, you can make great success in the field of copywriting as a business.