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Jun 3 / Jitendra

Setting up an Aquarium Maintenance Service

If you are looking for a business, that is something of different sort but profit generating at the same time, you can consider setting up an Aquarium maintenance service. Sounds difficult! No worries, when we are here, because we can simplify your aquarium maintenance plan by providing simple ideas about how to start it and prerequisites for making success. Check out the following :

Setting up an Aquarium maintenance Service Business Licenses

You should apply for a business license at the very beginning. You may need to pay $25 per year and a special tax identification number for sales tax. In this case, you have to get in touch with local and state governments to set up an account.

Business Essentials

You need to get focussed on acquitting the business essentials like business cards, letterhead, insurance and others. Generally, for $75 will require to get 5000 cards printed initially. To maintain professionalism, the best way is the letterhead. Letterhead is commonly used for sales letters, business correspondence, sales promotions etc. You can draw potential customers by being professional. Tools like brochures and advertisements regarding your aquarium maintenance service can be helpful enough. Depending on their quality, you may need to spend from $50- $500. You can get in touch with the print shops and graphic designers in your area for this purpose.

Maintaining an invoice book is one of the primary requirements of a good business. Unless you maintain this, you cannot stay updated about the services you have provided, services that are pending and many other. Moreover, maintaining a book helps you to stay abreast about the financial transactions of your business.

Get a properly covered insurance policy for your business, because it’s your responsibility to keep your employees and business safe from all kinds of unforeseen damages. No matter how careful one can be while servicing an aquarium, accidents will happen. Therefore, it is better to be safe from all these discrepancies.

It is highly recommended to have some type of basic liability insurance. It gives the customer and service provider, a sense of security and thus adds credibility to your business.


To make your aquarium maintenance service running successfully, you must look for base clientele. The best way to make promotions is to pass out your business cards, among free sales representatives and friends and family members. Positive contact made between a potential customer and others can get you new business opportunity.

Putting newspaper ads can help sometime but cannot provide too fruitful results. Rather it will cost you a lot. You can also consider radio and TV advertising for the promotion of your aquarium maintenance service.

Customer Service

You should provide excellent customer service if you want to keep up your business successfully. Keeping your clients happy involves much more than simply cleaning their aquariums. You need to reach "that extra mile" and do not fail to offer top-notch service. Having flexible service hours and "on call" availability is the key to success in this field.

Get a business plan ready and jump-start a successful career.