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Jun 2 / Jitendra

Making Money by Building Dog Houses

People are becoming increasingly affectionate to the pets and in this time, building doghouses can be something too lucrative for you. If you want to embrace it as your personal business, then opportunities are myriad; but what you need to do is accumulating all the business essentials as soon as possible. Dogs are frequently perceived as part of the family, and most pet owners would not send a family member to sleep under the porch. Today, there is a huge market of both low- and high-end doghouses, and the wise business people will be quick to meet the demand. Here is a brief overview about how to start the business. Take a look.

Making money by building dog houses 1. To start the business, first of all, you need to look after procuring the business license. Unless you have that, your office may be closed before you open. Check out the area’s business division, and found the local courthouse, from where you need to get the license. Purchase business stationery to enhance the professional image of your dog-house selling business. To determine the performance of your competitor, you need to make a research in your area. It will help you in identifying what is available, the price range, and the special features. Also, make an idea of that segment of the doghouse market, which has not yet been adequately addressed in your area.

2. At the initial stage, get some designs developed for two or three basic dog houses and make a list of all the materials needed to construct these units. You can take advice from a local veterinarian to make sure your designs are totally safe for dogs. However, in this process, you have to gain some idea about the material costs and the value of your time. Speak with local building-material suppliers to know the volume-pricing scheme. You should also make a research to know if it is possible to utilize the recycled materials, because it may cut down your cost to a large scale. Now decide your minimum selling price with special consideration to money building and selling your doghouses.

3. Taking several models of doghouses to special events and showing to potential customers, makes a proper marketing of your business. Develop a marketing plan to make the public aware of your product line. You can make a donation to the local animal shelter either for them to use or to auction off as a fundraiser; this will generate positive publicity for your products. You can place ads in the newspaper and can also make a radio and TV advertising. Supply some free of cost doghouses to veterinarian offices, pet supply stores, groomers, and stores that sell dog feed.

4. Adding a few accessory products to enhance your dog-house business is a good idea, such as dog-proof yard fencing, dog beds, attached feed and water bowls. If you specialize in providing well-decorated house, you need to add the costs for offering a delivery and set-up service for customers. Track demand and look after managing inventory carefully, so that you can cater to the customers according to their demands.