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Jun 1 / Jitendra

Beginning a Day Spa and Earn

Nowadays, day spa is emerging as the lucrative business opportunity. However, setting up a day spa and starting the business is not so easy. You have to consider several important things prior to set up the business. Setting a day spa requires experience and if you are new in this business, you have to do some footwork and collect some information about putting up a spa. You should first explore the day spa industry, before you begin your new business venture with this plan. Consider the following guidelines before setting up a day spa.

Beginning a Day Spa and Earn 1. Compose a comprehensive business plan considering your business goals. Work on selecting a proper place for your day spa. Briefly select the types of treatments you want to offer and an approximate price of each of them. The business plan should contain financial details like your capitalization, budgeting for marketing, wage, equipment and supplies. You may also need to buy insurance for your day spa.

2. Try to find a location at a commercial space near an upscale neighborhood. People living in such areas are likely to afford visiting your day spa center on a regular basis, which will give your income base a gradual nudge. Apart from selecting an upscale location, you also have to check out if you can offer parking space. To evade too much competition you can also look for space in the newly developed posh areas.

3. Once you have finished your business plan, focus on procuring enough capital to start a day spa business on your own. If you find out that you do not have enough money, you can look for investors to raise the necessary amount. Apart from going to a bank or private lending firm, you can also look for wealthy investors. They will ask for your business plan to go with other paper work. You can also ask friends or relatives for a loan or can ask them to join you as business partners.

4. After accumulating money and selecting a place, it is time to start building the structure. Buy your equipment and negotiate a deal with a supplier. Get a business telephone activated and keep all your documents in order. Now you can start interviewing and hiring employees. You can train them yourself or can hire experienced and trained employees, however, in that case, you have to pay them high salary.

5. You can organize an opening event to let people know about your business. In this way, you can get people to notice your spa. Marketing your day spa business is a crucial step to get many clients and to earn more. You have to spend a good deal for printing brochures, fliers, and distributing them around town. Leave some fliers at health clubs, sports clubs and fitness centers. For the marketing purpose, give an advertisement and announce your launching event in the local newspaper. You can also include VIPs in your opening guest list. In order to increase your business and its prospects in the market, gather your customer’s info like names, companies they work for, their phone numbers, addresses, and emails. It will help you to send them regular updates and promotional offers, or mail them discount coupons.

In this way, you can jump start your business career with a day spa.