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Jun 1 / Jitendra

Becoming a Jingle Writer

Jingle Writing has been considered as one of the leading business prospects in recent years. A lot of people right from the young to the elderly found jingle writing a lucrative business option. To start a business and to gain success, you must focus on jingle production on a large scale. Apart from being the good source of income, it is one of the most glamorous businesses that people look for. Here is how to become a jingle writer–from starting your business to sustaining it. Check out the ways given here and it can help even someone with no prior experience in this field.Becoming a Jingle Writer


1. To start the business, you have to make an evaluation of your skills and build up your critical thinking proficiency. You can do this by picking out three jingles that you know and are favorite to you. Now you have to analyze why you love these or why you do not. In this way, you can build up your proficiency in this field, which can help you in gaining success.

2. To start the business as a jingle writer you can create a website or blog with a bio, include picture (if you desire), contact information and three samples of your ability to write jingles. Consider uploading audio or video on your website or blog or a content site, which you have created and lining to them. To show your proficiency and experience, you should include any relevant education and previous publication credits.

3. To gain reputation and making right promotion of your business, first start by offering your jingle writing services to a nonprofit organization of your choice. Charge no cost to them because, it will help you in building your portfolio.

4. To get easy success and more business opportunities, you can take part in the contest for jingle writing and copywriting. Also, try to give answer to job ads and gig as you find in print and online. You can also try to write articles for publication about jingle writing. In this way, you can enhance your credibility as a jingle writer.

5. To get easy success, you should always do you best work. It will lead to repeat and refer business. You can gather both clips for your portfolio and tips for your website from the expert jingle writers.

6. The best way to garner success in this business is to learn as much as possible about the art of jingle production. It would be better, if you try to find a current or retired jingle writer who will be ready to mentor you.