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Jun 1 / Jitendra

Becoming a Commercial Leasing Agent

Leasing Agents play the crucial role in the process of success of commercial buildings. Leasing agents are hired by a real estate broker, building owner or property management firm in order to lease office or building space. The interesting part of working as a leasing agents is that they did not need to maintain a strict business hours. The hours of the work can vary and may include evenings and weekends, depending upon the requirement of the prospective tenant. Many people nowadays are working as leasing agents and when it becomes your personal business, you can build up a strong income base with it. To step into the business as a commercial leasing agent, you need to procure the real estate license according to the state requirements and the company with which you are working.

image · For a good start in this business, enroll yourself in any commercial property management courses. Real estate education companies and the community colleges offer certification courses in property management. While many companies require a real estate license, the other companies prefer the agent continue his education and complete property management classes, before hiring as the leasing agent for that firm. In fact, a good education helps in earning more as a commercial leasing agent. In addition, it is easier to secure future business prospects, if you have a certification or completed education in this field.

· To find the prospective business opportunities, you should start searching in the job banks. Human resource departments of commercial property management companies often post the requirements of the commercial leasing agent in the internet. You have to review the openings in your area, or search for locations that you think prospective for making money. To make the firm choosing you, it is better to submit your resume via email, or apply directly through the agency.

· You can also attend the job fairs and the business fairs to attract business opportunities. Large cities conduct several job fairs at different times of the year. Many companies with open positions for commercial leasing agent attend such job fairs. Some companies offer ground floor opportunities and even in-house training for candidates that have little experience. If you want to get some opportunities in this business, it is always recommended to attend such fairs.

· Search for opportunities, on your city’s commercial real estate association website. Local commercial real estate association websites often provide a list of companies in a particular area and often have a general listing of the requirements of commercial leasing agents. If you don’t see a link for open positions, check out all the specific commercial property management company given in the list and search its corporate website for any such openings.

This is one of those business opportunities, which do not require any large investment of financial capital. With your intellectual capital and a little experience in this field you can set up your own business and can work with multiple firms at the same time.