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Jun 1 / Jitendra

Be a Massage Therapist

Today, working as a massage therapist is a very rewarding career. The reason is not that it requires much higher financial rewards, but that you can earn a great popularity as a therapist. Many energetic young people today are embracing the career of a massage therapist and operating as a freelancer in this field. If you can manage good amount of capital, you can easily set up a massage parlor and can earn more. Here is a brief outline of how you can start a business to offer a magic touch making muscles melt like butter.

Be a Massage Therapist · Before you start, you have to decide what types of massage you would like to be able to offer your clients. Among the many different styles, you can learn 2-3 styles of massage, and get specialized training in one of these. You can attract potential clients as you start gaining necessary skills and knowledge about massage therapy.

· You can take regular classes to learn the styles of massage that you want to offer. You will need a certification from accredited school to earn the license as a massage therapist. You can call a few massage therapists from the yellow pages and ask them where they would recommend. With some choices in hand, you can investigate each option on your own to determine which can be the best training school for you.

· You can also start applying your skills in the massage therapy along with the gained knowledge. Get some idea about a competitor’s operation, and learn a few tricks of the business, which is not taught in massage school. Now build a list of customers who will likely follow you to your new location, manage a required amount of budget to generate good profits from the business.

· Select a catchy name for the company and register it in the state where you intend to do the business. Company name registrations can normally be done directly with your Secretary of State. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or County Clerk’s office for more information about business registration.

· Select a business location to set up your massage parlor. You should know the trick to find a good location in one of the busy streets of your area so that you can have regular flow of visitor. The closer you can be to potential customers, the more likely they are to choose you.

· Get proper furniture and fixtures in your massage parlor to create a cozy ambiance. Address the lighting issue for the massage parlors. You have to keep two kinds of lighting facility in the parlor. You may need to do everything with diffused lighting, in order to create a dim and relaxing atmosphere. While other massages require everything as brightly lit and clinical as you can. The choice of lighting depends on the kind of massage you are doing. Remember that the relaxation of the customer should be your primary concern.

· Allow soft background noises, particularly running water and soft-spoken birds, while doing the massage therapy, because it will make the atmosphere intensely cozy. You need to make the parlor look truly beautiful.