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Jun 5 / Jitendra

Working as a Proofreader

Today there are lots of business opportunities for people of all age groups. If you cannot manage a great amount of capital for setting up a business, working as a proofreader can be lucrative for you. To start it as your business, you need an eye for detail, good command of spelling, grammar and punctuation and intellectual capital. The habit of speed-reading helps a lot in this kind of business. You will also need patience, to sit and carefully read pages of articles. To reap easy success, you should stick to the profession.

Once you decide to step into this business, you need to be familiar with the standard symbols used by editors and proofreaders. Hone up your proofreading skills and never confuse with editing — they are actually two different things. Being proficient, many people offer both of these services at the same time. Once you gain experience in this field of business, you can also start providing both these services together.

Proofreading is required for all kinds of written documents, whether it is content for a website, a book, newsletter, magazine or legal document. Therefore, business houses always focus on hiring proofreaders for their own work. Such corporates offer good amount of rewards for doing their job.

Even though proofreaders are in high demand, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door. To start with this profession, you can begin working for a local newspaper, college or community letter or similar. If you do not get such chances, volunteer your services. With this, you can hone up and polish your skills, which are primary requirements to make contacts in the industry.

There are no such colleges that offer professional proofreading courses; however, you can easily find and take courses online. Many proofreading companies and potential clients look for certified or experienced candidates. In fact they look for the proofs whether you can do an adequate job. You may have to sit for the proofreading test of that firm also.

If you have the skills and the qualifications, it will not cost you much to set yourself up in business. Stay tuned with the internet for the regular supply of proofreading projects. You will need a reliable internet connection, a fax machine and printer. For better promotion, you can print and distribute business cards. In addition, to that find a quiet place to work, free from all sorts of distractions.

After you gain experience in this field, you can make the proofreading business your principal source of livelihood. You can also take it as a supplementary source of income. You can charge by the word, by the hour or by the page, although a realistic rate per word might be 5 cents, for an hour’s work might be anything from $15 to $60; and for proofreading a normal page can be charged of $2 to $4.

If you have a particularly lengthy or difficult project, you can also charge something more for doing this. Proofreading is a competitive business in the present market and there are many companies worldwide, who can be your potential client.