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Jun 4 / Pratham

Starting an Event Management House

Today, when the world is so dependent on promotion and marketing of various productive forces, grand events have become the part and parcel of human life. With the increasing number of such events the demand for the event managers are on the high rise in recent years. There, if you set up an event management house and offer quality management service there will likely be higher chances to earn more profit.

image However, starting such a business is not so easy; in fact, you will definitely have some exposure to such kind of management work prior to the establishment of your own business. Starting an event management business is no different than starting a relationship. In short, the business is all about building a cordial relationship with your client and acquiring good will, which in the long run helps in acquiring good returns from this business. To build up relation, you should possess appropriate skills and follow some important steps and doing this you can wipe out all hindrance in the path of your success.

1.Gain Event Management Skills and Experience

A successful event manager should have a solid grasp of the market, steady skills and experience in this business. Secondly, you should be proficient in verbal and written communications. A proper sense of organization and negotiation and skills in time and budget management help you to acquire niche success. In fact, you have to look after for marketing of your event management house right from its inception

2. Determine Your Event Management Market

Once you step into this industry, you have to make a thorough research about its market. From the very beginning, you have to determine your market, the area where you want to work. For example- you can work as an event planner of wedding or can organize corporate meetings, association, nonprofit and social events. Determine your market accordingly. To score success you have to concentrate on a certain domain and become a professional.

3. Develop a Business Plan

Unless you plan your business properly, you cannot be successful in your business plan. You will find a couple of resources that can help you. You can look for business plans in the internet or can talk to a professional event manager. Obtaining business insurance is very essential. Before your event management house starts operating in the market, get it insured from unforeseen disasters. Talk to a reputed insurance provider to know what kind of insurance plans are suitable for you.

5. Develop Network of Suppliers and Staffing Resources

You have to work with a wide range of suppliers – communications consultant, stationery designer, promotional products distributor, party rental supplier, caterer, florist, photographer and more. As a result, you have to get in touch with your network of supplier. Also, get the staffing resources ready for sales, marketing, accounting and administrative functions.

Finally get a structural plan for the fee or payment of your service. Check out which plan can give you reasonable profit. You can choose from the following:
· Flat fee
· Hourly rate
· Percentage of expenses
· Percentage of expenses plus hourly rate
· Commissionable rate

Jun 4 / Pratham

Starting a Business as an Interior Designer

If mixing and matching patterns, coordinating colors are your dearest passion and you are simply good at the proper use of space, the business of an interior designing is just the best for you. Nowadays, when upscale living has become the standard and countless number of buildings is growing up in different corners, the demand of an interior designer is always on the rise. Here is a brief outline to guide you to start your very own business as an interior designer.

Starting a business as an interior designer To start a business as an interior designer, you have to be professionally qualified. Unless you pass a certain level of accredited education and, pass the qualifying exam administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification, you cannot use the title of Interior Designer. In many cases, you need to be a licensed “Interior designer” before starting the business. However, you can also start the business without such qualification, but in that case, you have to use the title decorator instead of an interior designer.

The design business is multi-faceted. You can work either as a product-driven designer or as a design consultant. As a product-driven designer, you have to do the task of conceptualizing the look of the particular space and at the same time marketing a wide variety of products. The design consultant is supposed to promote various products and even offers free design advice if the client buys all of the products from him or her. The consultant offers free design advice for certain numbers of hours; if more time is needed, per hour fee is charged. Thus, in this business, there are a number of opportunities to earn a good deal of money

Once you get an established reputation and experience, you will not require much time to create a long list of references. During this stage, you can focus on offering design-consulting services instead. After you gain all your experience, you can offer advice about the design of a room or an office by charging a good amount of fee.

Marketing for an interior designing business is a crucial part. There are two types of market for interior design: residential and commercial. If you acumen supports designing a residential area, you can focus on the planning and specifying of interior materials and products used in private residences. In terms of scope and contract amount, residential jobs are often smaller, but offer a higher profit margin. You can also earn more by offering the products to be used in designing the rooms.

However commercial design offers bigger scope and embrace a wide variety of specialties, such as entertainment (e.g. movies, theater, videos, theme parks, clubs, dramatic and musical theater), facilities management (e.g. office moves or expansions); government or institutional (e.g. government offices, embassies, museums), health care (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities),retail or store planning (e.g. boutiques, department stores, malls, food retailing centers) and hospitality or restaurant (e.g. country clubs, hotels, cruise ships) etc.

To procure all the basic office supplies and equipment such as computers, telephones, and fax. In addition to the standard word processing and spreadsheet software, you need to accumulate some money either from bank or from friends and relatives. In addition, you need to invest in AutoCAD software to present more professional looking design solutions to clients with three-dimensional realism. To launch an AutoCAD software you may need to spend between $600 to $1,400.

Jun 4 / Pratham

Starting a Clothing Store

Starting a business all on a sudden is a daunting task and is one of the moist difficult venture of anyone’s life. Although sounds challenging at the initial stage, it can also be the most rewarding business in the recent years. If your dreams are to open your own clothing store, you have to work hard and make sacrifices in order to improve your customer base. Opening a clothing store is not so easy and it demands a lot of thought, and a strong business plan to help focus your efforts. Here is a guide on how to start a clothing store.

Starting a clothing store · The first criteria for a successful business are to research the business and gain experience in the industry, so is true for the clothing. First, focus on learning the basics about clothing suppliers and designers in order to hone up your skills of understanding the business process. You can start doing this as an employee or intern of a clothing store, supplier or design team.

· After mastering the basic skills, it is time to look for a space, when you can open your store. However, before selecting a space, you have to determine, whether you want to sell women’s apparel or men’s or just want to focus on kid’s clothing. After you decide on this, you can easily find out where from you can buy clothes. You can buy your clothing from designers and clothing manufacturers or can create the patterns and design on your own .In that case, your clothing store will be much like your own boutique.

· Your retail store should be spacious enough so that it can offer right traffic access to your store. If you are planning to sell high-end clothing, chose an upscale or posh area, which supports high prices.

· Now you should look after your business plan. Check out for free business plan templates online. Make sure that you have a secure plan of financing. If you have plans to borrow money from banks you will need to present your business plan to banks or small business associations. you can also take loans from family and friends and begin with a small start-up. No matter which option you choose, make sure that you have enough financial resources before starting your business.

· Once you get your store ready and accumulated financial sources, it’s time to look after the inventory. Focus in developing a large inventory to fill your store, because with more stocks you can offer more choices to your customers and increase your income base as well.

· Do not forget to ponder on the legal stuff associated with your business. Properly calculate and create tax accounts and filing for business licenses with your local government. Set up any applicable insurance during this time too. If necessary contact with a lawyer.

· Finally arrange a grand opening event to let people know about your new clothing store. For a wide-ranging promotion, put an advertisement of your clothing store in the local newspaper and also in the radio.

Jun 4 / Pratham

Starting a Furniture Store

Starting a furniture store nowadays is a lucrative business plan. People, nowadays are looking for upscale lifestyle from all aspects and trendy furniture has lot to contribute in maintaining such standard. Therefore, opening a furniture shop is definitely a worthwhile idea, but all in vain, unless you do not have a structured business planning.

The first criteria to score success in this business are to have the eye for good finds. Visit the furniture manufacturers to check out the variety, uniqueness, quality, attractive design of different office furniture. In this way, you can give an edge over your competition.

To start with a furniture shop, your business plan should be divided into several sections.

image Executive Summary – The summary should include your business concept, financial features, financial requirements, and current business position.

Business Description – Get some research and write description of the furniture industry as a whole. Focus on the present and future outlook and the growing trends and developments in the industry, so that you can update your business accordingly. In this section, you should also look after your business concept or the manner and rate by which you can earn profit.

Market Strategy – Depending on the research about market, you have to develop your marketing strategy. Identify your position in the market share you gave to work on the profile of your target market. Consider your position in the market according to the growth prospects, sales potential, size, structure, and trends. Secondly, work on your pricing scheme. The price of your products must cover your operation expense plus a markup price relative to your desired profit. You should also take into account the demand, economic fluctuations, and distribution while planning to start a furniture shop. Finally, consider the proper promotional plan including product packaging, public relations, sales promotions, personal sales, and sales potential.

Business Development Plan – In this section, you have to work on the product development, market development, and organizational development. Consider your goals carefully for each area and think about the necessary steps by which you plan to reach these goals.

Operation and Management Plan – Here, you have to etch out the plans of day-to-day business functions and provide enough resources that meet the logistics and manpower requirements as well as take care of the tasks of each of your departments.

Financial Management – Check out the capital you can manage, and if it is enough for setting up the business. Calculate the amount of your assets and liabilities. Also, consider how you allocate your start-up capital and can garner income or cash flow.

When you complete etching out a business plan, focus your attention to retailing and all the aspects that comes with it. Retailing involves calls for purchasing merchandise from the manufacturer or wholesaler and then bending the merchandise to the customer at a mark-up price. With trendy and high quality furniture, you can get your furniture shop categorized under specialty retailing if you address a specific need or requirement of the customer.

Jun 4 / Pratham

Starting a Photography Business

The art of photography revealing the secrets of darkroom has a massive surge these days. Through years, it has been an attractive field of study and practice, and today, trade in the field of digital photo editing suites has a worldwide popularity. Memory cards offering infinite reshoot possibilities replace film, which would cost a professional photographer hundreds of dollars over time. Moreover, the low cost of entry lures a lot of freshers to step into this field of business without running a risk of massive financial strain. In recent years, photography opportunities are creating new sources of making money. If you are interested, to pursue a business as a photographer in magazine, then take a look at the world of print media and the photography opportunities it can offer.

Starting a Photography business When your business is at the primary stage, it won’t be possible for you to make an appointment with any celebrity into your studio, therefore, you can target those magazines, which deals with cars, dogs, computers, fitness, home decor, cooking and so many others. Such magazines always look for relevant and useful images for their audiences. Moreover, the payment offered by these magazines is fairly high.

To start with any such magazines, you have to collect some good and interesting images based on their topics. For example, dog magazines, you can collect photos on every aspects pertaining to the dogs. however selecting a niche is magazine photography is very important. Whatever topic you love, chances are good if you submit it in the magazine focused on that particular subject. So, select a market, and then head to the bookstore and pick up a couple of magazines focused on your topic.

For making quick success in the field of photography, you have to do a thorough research on the kinds of photographs used in a specific magazine. Then your job will be to look through each magazine and collect the contact information for the photo editor, or the contact information about how to submit your photos. Figure out the particular guidelines before sending anything, because the submissions should meet the guidelines to get accepted. Send the photo to the particular magazine with a note or letter with a link to your portfolio.

To take action on your submission, normally, the photo editor will take a few weeks. Mostly the print media make slow progress and even if your photographs are accepted, it will not show up for a few months. It would be better if you submit each photo to as many publications as possible at a time. This will help you to evade the risk of having to decline an offer because another editor may chose to use your image.

Normally, the magazines require a response time to be between 2-8 weeks. If you have not heard anything by this time, you can send a follow-up note reminding the editor of your submission. However, the field of photography is prospective enough. As a freelancer, you can earn a lot from this business. So give it a try today!

Jun 4 / Pratham

Starting a Restaurant

Are you a good cook? Then why not starting your own business with a restaurant? Sounds good? Then start planning it from today and build up a restaurant of your own. However, you should consider several important points before starting a business with a restaurant. We can provide you the necessary tips about building a restaurant and how to earn money from it. Check out below given points to gather necessary information about the restaurant and the magic tricks to maximize your profits from the business.

Starting a restaurant · To start with a restaurant business, you have to begin with a thorough research of the market. Check out the restaurants in your area and collect information about the reason for their popularity. What are the main dishes they offer and etch out the plan that how your restaurants will be different from these. If you can provide something different and that too of high quality, you can easily maximize your profit

· After you etch out an initial plan, it is time to focus on the type of food you want to serve at your restaurant. If you are good at any special type of cooking you can also make your restaurant specialized for that kind of food. The leading choices of cuisines are Italian, Mexican, Chinese or American.

· To start a restaurant, you may need to take a specialized course in cooking. No matter how good cook you are, a specialized course will help you to learn the basics of professional cooking and thus you can also maximize your profit. Although, as an owner, you may not need to cook the majority of the cooking, it is good to have an idea of what is required to prepare the food.

· Check out how many rooms you will require to build up a restaurant. If you like it to be spacious, then decide, how much square ft of area, you need to buy or take on a lease. Will you require specialized seating such as outdoor seating or seating at a bar? Then you need some more space and for that you have to talk to an engineer. To do this, you may also need to contact a commercial real estate broker because he can help you locate a suitable location. Restaurants need to have good roadside visibility and plenty of parking space. Most of the leased land are triple net, where the tenant is supposed to pay for the entire operating and maintenance expenses as well as taxes and insurance for the business.

· Also decide, what kind of alcohol like, beer and wine or a full bar, you want to serve. For this purpose, you can check out the requirements for a liquor license.

· Also, get a business license. Make sure all local government rules and regulations are adhered to it. In this regard, you should also need to contact the department of health and work accordingly with the specific requirements.

· Talk to a bank for financing your start-up business plan. After you procure the financial support , it’s time to hire an architect to design the plan.

Jun 4 / Pratham

Starting your Own Desktop Publishing Business

Desktop publishing has been emerged as a key business area in recent years. A lot of people who cannot afford to buy an office in the prime location of the city can start this business right at their home. It not only involves lower amount of capital but also offers real opportunities as your ticket to success. The industry has exploding market in recent times. The term desktop publishing is applied to connote a new way of publishing documents, where the desktop computers are used in place of the traditional method of mechanical, real metal type, and scissors and glue. Desktop publishing is used for the publishing of brochures, flyers, full-page advertisements, business forms, Web pages, logos, CDs and cassette covers, catalogs, newsletters, corporate gifts, books, proposals, and many others. Take a look to the primary requirements of the business and ways to make it a success.

Starting your own desktop publishing business · In order to start the business first, you need to identify your market niche. To make a home business successful, niche market helps a lot. Your niche can be a specific service e.g. web design or a business quality, such as fast service. You can provide excellent graphic design or can focus on providing clients with excellent Typography and layout. Many desktop publishing business focus on maximum amount of Technical expertise, while others are specialist in handling large projects.

· You must get all your equipment ready before you start the desktop publishing business at your home. The basic equipment required for a desktop publishing business comprises of high-capacity computers, various desktop publishing software programs, laser and color printers, and scanner. You also need to have a disk back-up system, virus protection program, CD writer (CDR/CDW), font software, and clip art. Remember, the computer you will be using for the desktop publishing will have more sophistication than one configured only for word-processing or other basic tasks. You will need a system with large memory to load all your software and provide more data storage. Get a monitor with high resolution to display graphics properly; the printer must have a substantial amount of memory.

Apart from these, you will need a variety of software, including Adobe PageMaker, Quark Express or Corel Ventura for page layout and typesetting; Adobe Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint for image editing; Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw for illustrating.

· You must locate your customer properly in order to make the business a real success. It is not always necessary to draw the B2B (business-to-business) customers, but you can also get customers in the non-business (consumer) marketplace, depending on your field of specialization. You can start with customers including virtual assistants needing a web site, restaurants that require menu design or a painter who needs flyer to pass out. You can also provide your service to the legal firms because they require thousands of different forms to get printed.

· Finally, you should focus on hiring employees. Get two or three employees, who have exposure to desktop publishing. Later you can give them required instruction.

Jun 4 / Pratham

Top Business Ideas for Good Income During Recession

The global recession, two years back propelled the whole world into the trap of massive financial strain. With the increasing disaster of unemployment and redundancy, people throughout the world tried their hands on various types of business, however that too could not show any encouraging notice to the crippled economy. The experts believe that the main reason for businesses showing up no fruitful result is definitely the wrong choice of trading. Today, we are going to discuss some ideas that could show you light while pursuing any business during the time of recession. Recession hits the global economy in the cyclic order and therefore, you need to be fully prepared to fight with the economic slack.

Top business ideas for good income during recession It’s very true that recession is the worst time to start a business with a new investment. With revenue falling and declining rate of the market prospects, you may face rigid challenges to make your new venture a successful attempt. However, there is a sure way out from this gloom and doom- this is the time when you should seek out an online business idea and relevant opportunities to supplement your income .

Depending on what avenue you choose, your new online business will rely heavily on you as its primary source of income. According to your set of skills, you can pick out various arenas of trade and all you would need is a computer and a website to act as your online office. Through the website, you will market your business, add new customers, and make sales.

To give you a clearer picture, here are some online business ideas and opportunities that are skills based and that too can be acquired at a small capital:

Financial Planner or Accountant or Adviser – During the period of economic hardship, most of the people look for the professional advices for maintaining their finances and bookkeeping. If you have a great background in financing and accounting, you can start a business as a financial planner. You can straighten their economy and get your economy strong too.

Tutorial Services – Tutorial services never experience falling market no matter how fearful is the recession. In this field, your key to extra income is your knowledge and expertise. Even in the time of recession, you can find multitudes of area where you can extend your services in tutoring people. Apart from providing tutorial services in academic subjects, you can also start tutoring dance, music etc to people .

Virtual Assistant – With just your computer and internet connection, you can work as a virtual office assistant. In this job, you will be responsible in keeping records, setting appointments, billing clients, booking reservations and other services.

Home Maintenance –Providing home maintenance service is one of the good jobs during recession. With the necessary skills of a handyman, you can get good money for doing repairs and other services. With particular specialization as a wood architect, you can look for special custom jobs with good returns.

These businesses do not require much investment and more than that, it can help you keeping your heads up even in the dire effects of recession.

Jun 4 / Pratham

Top Business Tips Online for Animal Lovers

If your passion and profession lies in the same plane, there is likely to have no hindrance to the way of reaping a good deal of financial benefits. In fact, you can have a successful business and that too from the comfort of your home. Presently, many different avenues of business opportunities have opened up and for an animal lover there are numerous ways to nudge huge profits from a home business. Animal lovers nowadays can do simple home business by accessing the online resources and this article will highlight simple business ideas that an animal lover can do from the comfort of their home and can turn out to be a leading online entrepreneur. Check out the ideas below

Top business tips online for animal lovers

  • Online pet clothes and accessories retail – Nowadays, there is an increasing trend among the pet owners to embellish their furry friends with clothes and accessories. The demands have grown tremendously in the past years, and if you can stitch and make some cute dresses and jewelry for the pets, you can sell them online and reap profits.
  • Pet Salon – Pets are always treated as the family member by the pet owners. To some, pets are their children and for young people they are none but their own brothers and sisters. Therefore, for the purpose of proper hygiene, the pet owners also take pets to the specialized salons. Thus, from a pet salon, you can get a fairly good returns. For setting up a business, you have to be a animal lover and just need to invest on a few equipment and supplies to get started. If you get some specialized training, you can widen the services and can double your income.
  • Animal Trainer – Animal trainers have a huge craze these days. With a little training of your own, you can start your own animal training school. Moreover, you can also offer your training services online. In both cases, income is too good. You can also specialize on certain species to have a more concentrated list of service to offer. As a specialist, you can earn more than a general trainer.
  • Boarding Kennel – If you have ample space in your backyard, or if you live in a spacious farm, you can build up comfortable "suites" kennel for the dogs. In this way, you can earn a lot more. Many pet owners do not have anyone to leave their pets with, especially when they are out for a trip or vacation. There will be a lot of willing people who are ready to pay for boarding to ensure their pets safety and comfort.

Any of these home business ideas will boost up your income but you required to be truly passionate about animals, and caring about them. Especially while people leave their pets with you, you need to take care of them, feed them etc. For all thee, you need to be truly patient and dedicated and should have enough time to invest.

Jun 4 / Pratham

Vending Personal Care Product

Personal care product vending is a full time venture. Such business specializes in vending machines that dispense personal care products in restrooms. Such business owners supply machines that dispense feminine hygiene products, pain remedies or even baby diapers. The personal care product vendors after negotiating with property managers of various organizations, set their equipment in restrooms at public parks, outdoor pavilions, stadiums, businesses or warehouses. The process of transaction is customers insert coins in the machines to receive their product. The vendors take out the money from the machine and refill the equipment again. If you want to start this business as your supplementary source of income, you need to follow the points below carefully.

Vending personal care product 1. At the very beginning, you have to decide, what kind of vending machines you want to purchase. According to your convenience, you can choose bulk machines or those machines, which dispense a handful of products at the same time. Make sure you purchase the triple-header bulk machines, which will hold more products.

2. While choosing the machines, make sure you opt for mechanical machines or electronic units if your products mainly consist of packaged candy and soft drinks. For any personal care products like baby diapers mechanical machines, depending on your budget, because you can sell snacks and drinks in the same machines. Buy electronic machines for greater profits but keep it in mind that these units can cost you $3,000 to $5,000 each.

3. To avoid huge expense consider purchasing your vending machines from a local wholesale dealer, or go through the business opportunity magazines, or internet, if any dealer offers the same. Go with the lowest unit cost available, however do not compromise with the quality.

4. Once you get over all these things like buying machines and selecting a location, it’s time to select a name for your business as you will need to use it on all government forms and legal paperwork required to continue the business. Moreover, you need to apply for the vendor’s license from your local county administration office, because you will need to pay sales tax on all retail sales.

5. For the supply of all sorts of personal care product, find a local wholesale supplier. To get the contact details of the local wholesale supplier, you can go through the newspaper advertisements.

6. To earn more, you should find high traffic areas for placing your machines. You can place them in auto dealerships, auto repair shops, beauty salons and business offices. You may need to offer a fair commission to the retail owner or manager for example, they can ask for 20 percent of sales. You can also consider a charity by paying commissions, but make sure you obtain the necessary stickers for credibility. If necessary you can pay the charity about 5 percent to 20 percent of your sales each month.

7. Select a price for your products that is comparable to other vending machines in your area. You should stick to a 150 percent to 200 percent profit margin.