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Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Graphic Designer

If you have passionate affinity with art and you love making designs in digital media, then graphic designing is your forte. In fact, the field of graphic design offers a sustainable source of income, if you set it up as your home based business. As a graphic designer, you have to make websites, products, and other visual presentations visually appealing. Graphic designers rely on special graphic software to create the layouts and graphics according to the client requests. In order to pursue graphic design business as your source of income, you need to create a portfolio so that you can show your skills and experience to your potential clients.

  • First of all, you need to get yourself acquainted with latest graphic design software available in the market. You also need to become proficient in using the graphic designing software. To know more about the latest trends of design, you can get yourself enrolled in several online courses. Make it sure that you posses the proper expertise in this field or else success in the graphic design business can never be reached. Most popular software, while you need to know are Illustrator CS3 or InDesign CS3 by Adobe. The expertise in the use of the proper software is the key to success in this field. You need to be proficient enough to provide your customers with the highest level of graphic design layouts.


  • While setting you the business for the first time, you should consider the cost of the software and the initial set-up of the website.


  • You should create a portfolio, which should present your expertise. Include relevant experience, degrees you have, websites you have created and any other information that may be beneficial to the client.


  • Once you arrange all the necessary things, it is time to market your graphic design business. To do this, you need to utilize the marketing tools available for example, mailing lists. This is a great way of getting your graphic design business into the view of potential clients. You can take help of the newsletters, but according to the experts, the most effective and cost efficient means of marketing your graphic design business is word-of-mouth. You should keep on telling people about your business so that they can mention your graphic design business to those who need it.


  • To make a good marketing you can start a graphic design blog where you can display your graphic design talent. With a well-maintained blog, you can drive traffic to your graphic design blog and can cultivate trust and sense of community for the viewers. Marketing is essential to the success and foundation of your graphic design business.


  • To attract regular clients, you need to keep your blog up-to-date. In order to attract higher ranks in Google search engine it is vital to keep your blog entries current. You need to offer your clients and viewers something interesting. Remember, it’s a great way to draw more traffic to your site, which end up in gaining more potential customers for your graphic design business.

Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Literary Agent

If you love reading new books and can communicate well, then working as a literary agent can be a great business option for you. Starting a literary agent business can be moneymaking if you pursue it with proper dedication and patience. The job of literary agents involves spending a great deal of time reading unpublished manuscripts. A bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing, or Journalism is an asset in this business. This business can be started with an investment of $500 to $1,500. Once you gain experience and reputation in this field of business, the yearly potential earnings will range from $20,000 to $100,000. However, you should follow the below-mentioned points in order to harvest the fruits of success in this business

  1. First, you should understand the process of how books are published. Getting a job in a publishing company is ideal, because it will help you gaining all the necessary skills and experience in this field. To hone up your skills, reading, as many books as you can find about publishing can be a good substitute, although going through the online resources can also be proved helpful. While purchasing any such books, you should try to find out those books, which have been written by any reputed author in this field.
  2. Once you gain the necessary skills, it is time to get in touch with the publishers. Traditionally, the personal contact with the publisher develops while working at the publishing house. However, creating professional literature serves as a wonderful way to introduce yourself. Keeping in touch with the publishers sometimes, open new doors to profit for you.
  3. While setting up your own business, you have to understand publisher specialties. Read company literature and visit publisher web sites. Also, conduct a thorough research about each publisher’ s criteria prior to submitting a manuscript for consideration. Stay abreast of what is popular in the industry. Keep up with trends. If some worthwhile manuscripts do not get published, it means that the genre is not hot at the time.
  4. You need to learn negotiating book deals. Keeping your client’s interest in mind. Always research to find contracts for unpublished authors and try to get the best deal. Internet can be the best source to establish a contact with the publishers. You can also take help from the conference calls. If necessary, you may need to travel to attend meetings with the publishers and the authors.
  5. Make offers. Offer book rights, film options and permission to distribute manuscript in foreign markets. This will maximize your profit margin.
  6. You also need to learn promoting clients. Arrange book tours and publicity for your clients. It may sound like an extra service but it will generate more income for your business. You need to be open-minded and go through all sorts of manuscripts carefully to know the popular trends in the market. However, with dedication and hard work, you can build up a successful and prospective business in this field.
Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Mortgage Broker

Business as a mortgage broker comes with a slew of profit making opportunities. The main idea of this business involves transactions in loans. Everyone needs loan at any time or other in life, which has widened the scope of this business. If you have enough exposure in the finance business and are good at handling money, then starting as a mortgage broker can be an exciting business opportunity for you.

If you consider investing in a mortgage broker business, it will be helpful if you equip yourself with the necessary information that can help you competitively engage in this booming but small mortgage business.

This business is very unlike than the other popular business in the recent market because the sole purpose here is to handle with money for generating monetary profit. The most important part of the mortgage brokerage is to know how to best start out. Such a business can prove to be very rewarding when you have started right in its establishment. Here are some of the things, which you will find too helpful while stepping into this business.

Avail of the mortgage brokerage training that you need

For a successful opening, you need to have a professional training in order to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge of the mortgage brokerage industry. Enroll yourself for a right training and find some direct lenders that can give you free training, but make sure that it is limited to the particular loan products a lender offers. Accredited mortgage broking training schools can give your business acumen a competent edge and efficient skill, which are truly essential for a business success.

Find the best lenders that can provide your mortgage broker business with loan products

Remember that the business of mortgage broker will hinges upon providing financing solutions to clients. Clients often come to the mortgage brokers with challenging financing situations; it would be your responsibility to get them the best lender who can provide the loan products according to the clients’ need. For the successful accomplishments of this job, you need to look for a database of mortgage lenders and check out which of the enlisted lenders can give you the mortgage loans when required.

Increase your mortgage broker business client base

Client base is a crucial part of any business; the same is true for mortgage broking as well. Your mortgage broker business will yield vain result regardless of your training and having the best loan products if you are unable to attract clients and provide the right financial solution to them, when required. You therefore need to market your mortgage broker business and attract your prospective clients by telling them the reason that why they should work with you instead of availing the services of the other mortgage broking firm. You can also increase your client base through referrals. Clients who have been satisfied with your services can help you by informing about your mortgage broker business in his network. To build such goodwill, make sure that you provide the best assistance and services to your clients.

Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Proofreader

Today there are lots of business opportunities for people of all age groups. If you cannot manage a great amount of capital for setting up a business, working as a proofreader can be lucrative for you. To start it as your business, you need an eye for detail, good command of spelling, grammar and punctuation and intellectual capital. The habit of speed-reading helps a lot in this kind of business. You will also need patience, to sit and carefully read pages of articles. To reap easy success, you should stick to the profession.

Once you decide to step into this business, you need to be familiar with the standard symbols used by editors and proofreaders. Hone up your proofreading skills and never confuse with editing — they are actually two different things. Being proficient, many people offer both of these services at the same time. Once you gain experience in this field of business, you can also start providing both these services together.

Proofreading is required for all kinds of written documents, whether it is content for a website, a book, newsletter, magazine or legal document. Therefore, business houses always focus on hiring proofreaders for their own work. Such corporates offer good amount of rewards for doing their job.

Even though proofreaders are in high demand, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door. To start with this profession, you can begin working for a local newspaper, college or community letter or similar. If you do not get such chances, volunteer your services. With this, you can hone up and polish your skills, which are primary requirements to make contacts in the industry.

There are no such colleges that offer professional proofreading courses; however, you can easily find and take courses online. Many proofreading companies and potential clients look for certified or experienced candidates. In fact they look for the proofs whether you can do an adequate job. You may have to sit for the proofreading test of that firm also.

If you have the skills and the qualifications, it will not cost you much to set yourself up in business. Stay tuned with the internet for the regular supply of proofreading projects. You will need a reliable internet connection, a fax machine and printer. For better promotion, you can print and distribute business cards. In addition, to that find a quiet place to work, free from all sorts of distractions.

After you gain experience in this field, you can make the proofreading business your principal source of livelihood. You can also take it as a supplementary source of income. You can charge by the word, by the hour or by the page, although a realistic rate per word might be 5 cents, for an hour’s work might be anything from $15 to $60; and for proofreading a normal page can be charged of $2 to $4.

If you have a particularly lengthy or difficult project, you can also charge something more for doing this. Proofreading is a competitive business in the present market and there are many companies worldwide, who can be your potential client.

Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Fundraising Consultant

If you are looking for ways to a lucrative job, then nothing can match with the prospects of a fundraising consultant. It is one of the leading business opportunities widely popular in recent times. With the career as a fundraising consultant, you can help people in determining their financial stability. There are a few necessary skills, which you must possess if you plan to have a successful career in the fund raising industry. This article will look at a few of the key aspects that you need to develop in order to succeed.

Working as a fundraising consultant Well Organized Business plan

The first step to a successful career in the business of fund raising consultant is your ability to create an effective and strategic plan to organize a good fundraiser firm. This is one of the important areas of such business where you need to put the maximum attention. One of the areas where most companies and organizations fail is the inability to a strategic planning of the fundraisers properly. A trained professional should possess the ability to put together a practical plan, which includes all the necessary elements to make your business a successful venture.

Solid Connections

To make the fundraising consulting business a sure success, you must build up a strong contact base. Your ability to connect and develop quality relationships with local foundations and private investors will be the crucial input to reap success. Research will help you to continue the learning process if the fundraising art. To get success in this business, you have to look for those connections, which are able to donate to a certain charity.

Good Management Skills

The principal requirement for a successful fundraising consulting business is to hone up the skills of a good manager. A well-trained fund raising consultant will have the ability to manage and counsel people to show them a right direction. If you are not a god manager, you can hire some staff members for the managerial jobs, and many volunteers as well. Apart from these, you will need to develop a keen eye, so that you can pick out the right skills and talents from each individual and should be able to place them in the proper positions of service.

Dynamic Personality

You should hold a dynamic personality to make success in this business. Most successful fund raising consultants possess a very dynamic and outgoing personality, which is essential to build up a strong connection. After all, your pleasing and dynamic personality will help in raising money for a charitable organization. Your dynamic personality and the positively convincing attitude can help you win over many other competitors.

The Ability to Capture a Vision

With a pleasing personality, you can have the ability to develop a true vision in favor of each organization, with which you will be working. If you cannot manage to provide a positive envision of the true scope of a project, it is hardly possible for you to develop a solid fundraising campaign for that company.

Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Freelance Writer

If you are a good writer, then a lot of lucrative opportunities to make your business as a real success. Either you do the job of content writing in any big firm or start a business of your own, in both ways there are myriad opportunities to maximize your profit. Today, the demand for writing content is high in every corners of the world. However, the business houses prefer to outsource the content writing responsibility to the freelancers in order to cut down the cost of maintaining an in-house team of content. Freelance writing has been the choice of many, right from a student to retired elderly, who are looking for substantial source of income. You can also build up a potential income base, by investing about 4 to 5 hours in writing small articles and that too from the comfort of your home. Here is a brief overview regarding how to start this business. Take a look to this to gain business success.

Working as a freelance writer · First of all, you need to get a computer and a high-speed internet connection, because the job of writing completely depends on the internet. Moreover, you need to look for freelance writing projects in the internet.

· It is not possible to get big project, at the initial stage. However, once you get a project, be careful about the quality of your writing skills, because it will be your key to success in the long run. Once you are used to provide high quality writing, you can even win the chances of writing in big projects. In many cases, your client may hire you as their chief copy editor. In that case, your pay scale will be much higher.

· In order to deliver professional and cutting-edge write-ups, you can take admission to a writing course or workshop, before you start the business as a freelance writer. You need to hear writing instructors and other writers comment on the quality of your work. Such courses also train you to deliver articles on the strict deadlines.

· To get projects, you need to know writing excellent query letter to an editor. Here, you need to describe your idea for an article, give your qualifications and it should be like the most wonderful idea ever to cross the editor’s desk.

· Research a bit before, you step into this business. A thorough market research will help you deciding how to make the first attempt. You can go through various magazines to have an idea about the market and it will assist you choosing your niche market. You can work as a content writer, feature writer, business writer or can simply make reviews on various films and books

· Focus on continuous learning process to further develop your writing skills and chances to get more offers for writing.

· To make a good start, you can get in touch with your local newspaper or magazine and ask if you may submit a completed article "on spec." Editors will pay you for your work.

Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Dog Walker

If you are looking for some business option, which is not so tiring and involves a lot of brain work, then working as a professional dog walker can be the best job for you. As a dog walker, you can earn a good income and at the same time, you can have some exercise. The only requirement for such job is the person needs to be a dog-lover and is perfectly in tune with the ways of dogs and ready to run a business. If you can invest dedication, time and patience, dog-walking business can be a rewarding one.

Working as a Dog Walker Research the field to gain a clear idea about its market. It will help you to determine if it suits well. You can also check out what dog-walkers are charging in your area. Talk to them, if they are ready to share such information. Using the internet can also help you to get some idea of the costs for your region.

You cannot start it as a big professional house at the initial stage rather you should allow enough time to grow. Before everything, you should consider, whether you want it to be a part time or a full-time career. Are you ready to devote enough time to it? If you are young and want to make money by dog walking, make flyers and offer around your neighborhood, or put up notices on notice boards or in shop windows.

If you want to make dog walking as your permanent business, consider whether it is something you want to work from 9 – 5 (or extended hours) 5 – 7 days a week. Depending on these factors, your business opportunities either expand or limit your options and availability. More hours means more clients and a likelihood of referrals. Spending less hours will limit your business options.

If you have enough money to open a business house, then you must be prepared to manage employees and cover a larger part of the city so that you can have maximum business opportunities. For a large business you need a proper insurance coverage. Once you get the capital and buy insurance policy, it’s time to interview pet sitters, check them for reliability, train them. Make sure, your employees are able to do dog-walking according to your instructions.

Keep good financial records, manage a payroll system, pay taxes on business income, and manage other worker’s requirements. Paying attention to the client arrangement programs is the essential key to success in this business. As owner of the business, you should make all arrangements for dog walking directly with clients and then provide the instructions to your employees.

Pricing is an important part of this business. At the very beginning, you have to decide, how you price your services. Mostly, the pricing of any such services depends on the quality of the service and the length of time you have been dog walking professionally. Make sure not to under-charge or over-charge, because either will cause damage to your business. Undercharging will lead some to think you are an amateur and over charging can end up with losing customer. Charge a fair amount in return for good, reliable and professional services.

Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Cruise Ship Travel Agent

Today, there are a lot of business opportunities in various fields. In many cases, you do not need to invest any sort of financial capital, but you can reap success only by employing your intellectual capital and business acumen. Working as a cruise ship travel agent is one such business, which offers countless opportunities to earn money. Within a very short period of time, you can be a successful travel agent of cruise ships. Travel agents of cruise ships are also known as cruise shipbroker, who mainly works on the basis of the commissions. The best part of this business is that, you do not need to pursue any formal education in order to become a cruise ship broker, although your customers or host travel agency may prefer that you have a diploma or certificate as proof of training. The principal requirement to gain success in this field is to be communicative, quick decision maker and professional.

Working as a cruise ship travel agent Many people, in order to get success in this field pursue various travel and tourism courses. Such courses are offered by high schools, vocational schools, public adult education programs, community colleges and online programs. Certificate classes may be as short as seven months. If necessary, you can also opt for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in travel and tourism. However, to start as a cruise ship travel agent, you need to do the following at the initial stage

1. Have a chat with any experienced cruise broker in order to find out what you will need to do for easy success in this profession. To know more about this business, you can get in touch with the travel agencies with which you can also affiliate yourself. In that case, ask them if they require certification to get you enrolled with them.

2. Choose the travel agent diploma, certificate or degree program, which you think suitable for your goals. However, you need to consider the cost, location, length while choosing any program. Also check out if they offer online courses or follow the traditional method.

3. To gain experience, you can apply for a job as a cruise broker with a travel agency or cruise line. After a required amount of experience, you can start your own business booking cruises. Experts believe that gaining experience before starting your own business always proves lucrative. While pursuing the job, you will get all the required training in the field of cruise broking. During the job , you should focus on collecting network of possible host travel agencies you can work with as a home-based agent.

4. While working as a home-based cruise broker, you should create a website for the marketing and proper promotion of the business. You can hire a web developing agency, who has cruise or travel experience in web design and e-commerce.

5. Finally get in touch with an attorney familiar with the travel business before starting your home-based business, who can advise you on all the local requirements.

Jun 5 / Pratham

Working as a Corporate Meeting Planner

Do you work in the events and meetings industry for several years? But, did you think that it’s a good time to put some thought in starting a business of your own? If you have not, then we can help you to start planning. In fact, before you contemplate starting an event planning house, it’s time to tell you some important steps required for running an event planning house successfully.

Working as a corporate meeting planner 1. Gain Event Planning Skills and Experience.

Before everything you should decide on your niche. If you want to work as a corporate meeting planner, polish your event planning skills and experience. The key to success in this business is the experience that the planner brings to his or her clients. Before stepping into this business, get a solid grasp of what an event planner is and gain excellent skills in Verbal and written communications, Organization and time management, Negotiation and budget management and in Creativity, marketing, public relations etc. A professional certification or degree course in this business helps a lot to find opportunities.

2. Determine Your Event Planning Market or Forte.

To reap quick success in this business, you have to realize your strengths and the corporate arena. Do not focus on coordinating all kinds of events, including corporate meetings, weddings, fundraising galas and more; rather consider any one niche as your key area. It will help you to perform professionally and effectively.

3. Develop a Business Plan

Develop a business plan regarding how to operate the business and other necessary details. You can take help from the resources available online on can talk to the expert event planner. Check out the local bookstore if there is any such published book on event planning business plan.

4. Designate Which Business Entity Fits Best for Your Firm.

You should select a business entity to start your business. Generally, there are six forms- Sole proprietor, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, Trust and Non-profit organization. It is up to you to decide, which one will best represent you.

5. Obtain Business Insurance

Getting a business insurance is mandatory. The insurance plan you are purchasing should include general liability and other forms of coverage to protect the business owner’s interests. Several forms of insurance exist, so it is best to go for a consultation with a veteran financial advisor.

If you are planning to start a home-based business or having a small office elsewhere, ask the insurance providers, whether the insurance plan will provide you the coverage for general liability, product liability, home-based insurance, worker’s compensation, criminal insurance, health and other benefits

6. Develop Your Network of Suppliers and Staffing Resources.

Once you frame the business plan, it’s time to decide your network of suppliers. Event planners work with a variety of suppliers, including caterers, florists, photographers and more. Remember planning an event does not mean that you will work alone. You need to build up a completely new infrastructure for working, which should include staffing resources for administrative, sales, marketing, communications, legal, accounting and other functions.

8. Establish an Event Planning Fee Structure.

You need to provide a realistic fee structure, which should include, Flat fee , Percentage of expenses, Hourly rate , Commissionable rate.

Jun 5 / Pratham

Starting Your Own Beauty Parlor

Starting own beauty parlor is a good round of energetic dose for those women, who love fashion, beauty and glamour. Although a woman led business, beauty parlor nowadays can be owned my men as well especially when the numbers of fashion crazy men are increasing rapidly. If you have ever thought of any plans to bag success in beauty business, then it’s the perfect time to take the action. Need help? Go through this article and get an idea for launching your very own beauty salon.

Starting your own beauty parlorFor any successful business, doing research is of first priority and so is the beauty business. Once you gather information about the market, you need to focus on the financial part of running a business. In that case, you have to talk to the local bank or enterprise aid organization to get necessary advice regarding financial and accounting aspects of the business. If possible, you can get a template for a business plan from that organization. Once you have the business plan, you can focus on managing your budget.

For setting up a beauty parlor, you should act in accordance of the health codes and local legislation. You could be shut down before you even open your doors, if the health inspector does not approve the ambiance of your parlor. Be careful, about buying those equipment and supplies, which follow an appropriate health code. You should also have expertise to deal with this equipment.

Choosing the right location is an important part of any business set-up. For the regular source of income, you have to choose a place, which is strategically situated on one of the busiest streets in your area. If your financial resources support you, set up your parlor in a busiest mall of your area. For building up a strong income base, you find a high-profile location, which is easily accessible from all parts of town.

The environment of a salon, should be clean, safe and relaxing, and provide prompt and professional service to the clients. With relaxing and clean ambiance, you can draw clients in repeatedly. Make sure that you have multiple towels, footbaths, and other equipments and all these are properly washed, clean and odor-free. Your clients must be able to trust that the products and tools that you use on them are high quality and safe. For running a successful business, you cannot afford to put your clients at risk from infections, because it will invite damage to your reputation.

People usually visit those places, where they can get many services under one umbrella. This is the reason, malls have maximum traffic than individual designer store. Try to offer as many services possible for hair, nails and face. Finally, do hire experienced professionals, who can offer top-notch service. Focus on providing high quality of skin and hair treatment and other kinds of cosmetic treatment.

There is no problem in having a small salon, but providing clean, safe and professional service is what marks the difference. Putting differently, you should try to build a strong base of satisfied customer.